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The Delusions Run Thick

Mark Chu embraces the power of fantasy, hollow ambition, and absurdity, in a series of large scale, self-portraits depicting the plural nature of who or what a person can (and cannot) be.
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Once was Paradise

A series of oil paintings highlighting the artist's passion for the natural environment and horror at seeing the ongoing effects of climate change.
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Wilderness: A Natural Response

Renowned contemporary watercolourist Terry Swann’s Wilderness: A Natural Response, is a unique perspective of the contrasting landscapes of remote Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
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Since You’ve Been Gone

A series of oil paintings that are based on locations around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, focusing on old homes, gardens and trees. It won't always be like this.
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After the Archive: Park Life

Amanda Johnson’s paintings question the fate of the public garden in a context of global warming. How has our physical and cultural encounter with the public garden changed?
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