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The Far North

In this most recent exhibition, Allan leaves his studio in Daylesford for the vastly different Far North of Australia, an area he has visited with his wife Alla since the 1970s but never before captured on his canvas.
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Manhattan Dreaming

A new collection of paintings and drypoints capturing Manhattan's lines, angles, moods and movement, with a spontaneity bordering on instinct.
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Darker Places

Darker Places, a new series of paintings and drawings by Caroline Walls, is an extension of her art practice where the female is the central focus of consideration.
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Daily Encounters

As part of an artist residency at fortyfivedownstairs, Robyn Rich will present an exhibition of paintings that explore life through the eyes of the artist.
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Lisa Sewards, Thousand Kisses Deep, 2017, Detail

Thousand kisses deep

A new body of work connecting the materiality of prints and the fluidity of paintings with imagery emphasizing illusory maritime parachutes.
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Anna Taylor, The Andes, Peru – Save Me Series (detail), 2016, 230 X 510mm. Photographer: Christopher Sanders

Save me

An exhibition exploring the minutiae of landscape replicated in the aerial view, documenting the exquisite mirroring of detail, pattern and line. Both a celebration of our earth and it’s incredible beauty, and a call to action to save it.
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Bailer, Untitled, Acrylic On Canvas. Photo By P1xels


A series of paintings and sculpture traversing the liminal states of being and exploring the ever-changing states of the human condition.
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Josef Brunhuber’s paintings and sketches explore the organised way we live our lives, and hint as to what may be happening behind this apparent orderliness.
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David Hirst, Orange Tally, 2015, Oil On Canvas


This exhibition emerges from time spent observing the ever-changing, dramatic landscapes of the Mutawintji National Park.
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Bronni Krieger, Keepsake, 2016, Oil On Linen, 92 X 122 Cm


Unspoken brings us before a series of paintings of animals whose physicality is so lovingly rendered that one is called to pause and enter the intensely felt space of the artist.
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Kaleidoscope is a collection of old and new works by Meaghan Coles, exploring the fragmented female face and questioning the concept of ideal beauty as portrayed in popular imagery.
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Robyn Rich: Artist in Residence

In this Artist in Residence exhibition, Robyn Rich will transform fortyfivedownstairs into a working studio, painting portraits and still lifes that will be added to the exhibition during her month in the gallery.
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Be Bop Pop

Be Bop Pop is an exhibition of new paintings following pop artist Jeff Raglus’ balancing act of both music and art.
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Alexandra Sassé

With a deep understanding of the language of painting and drawing Alexandra Sassé interprets the intangibles of human presence through colour and line. Working repeatedly with a small select circle of models, the intensity of the studio spills into these…

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Jean Lyons

Reminiscent of Zen Buddhist brush and ink landscapes, Jean Lyon’s new series of oils on canvas harmonise representations of earth, fire, water, air and space to create enchanting, dreamlike scenes. Lyon’s begins each work with an amorphous grey wash. Organic…

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Midsumma opens at fortyfivedownstairs

We hosted a vibrant and busy opening for the three Midsumma exhibitions in the galleries last night. In the small gallery we have a solo exhibition, Photo Prodigious, by Anthony L’Huillier.  The large gallery combines paintings of female film stars…

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